Glass with snifter-shaped bowl and baluster stem. The generous proportions of the bowl make it ideal for enjoying the subtle aromas of the most demanding liquors. The bottom of the bowl adapts to your hand, keeping the interior warm. Its generous size makes it possible to personalise the glass with logos or initials, without detracting from the final...
Salitre Jug
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Salitre Jug

Jug with pear-shaped body tapering to a point. Long narrow cylindrical neck. Lip with flared rim and flat upper section. Baluster stem with central knot. Circular foot.
Gin Tonic Glass
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Gin Tonic Glass

The form and capacity of the bowl makes it suitable for the most demanding wines or gin tonics. From a stylistic point of view, its slender twisted “torcine” stem makes it the centre of attention. Its volume allows for the contents to be swirled. It can be personalised with initials. Send an email to

Sílice Jug

Jug with flared lip. Short cylindrical neck. Ovoid bowl. Curved handle applied with heat and circular base.
3 nudos Glassware
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Glassware from the 3 nudos range, also called three balls. The collection includes 6 water glasses, 6 wine glasses, 6 liquor glasses and 6 Cava glasses.

Calcín Jug

Medium table jug. Ovoid body. Expanded mouth and pouring spout. Model without supporting base that recreates the production of the Real Fábrica in the 18th century. Similar examples can be found is the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Museo Tecnológico del Vidrio. Decorated with garlands using an engraving wheel.
Frontvilla Glassware
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Glassware from the Frontvilla range. The collection includes 6 water glasses, 6 wine glasses and 6 liquor glasses.
Blown glass with conical bowl, applied twisted “torcine” stem and conical foot.
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